Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Urging Tanzania to fight corruption

There almost seems to be a direct link between corruption and poverty. We say almost because, we don't know if it's been conclusively proven. But government corruption does slow down economic growth, as it puts money in the pockets of thieves instead of going to help people.

A good place to go to see who has a lot of corruption and who doesn't is the Global Corruption index from Transparency International. Their latest report came out earlier this month. No country is completely free of corruption.

A leader for the Millennium Challenge Corporation went on the record to challenge the corruption in Tanzania. IPP media recorded the statement.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Resident Country Director Karl Fickenscher has challenged the Tanzanian government to seriously fight corruption if ``is seriously committed to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic growth.``

Fickenscher says the commitment in fighting corruption in the country ``should be very clear to the leadership in power.``

``If Tanzania's political leadership is seriously committed to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic growth, then it must also show its clear commitment to fighting corruption,`` said the MCC Resident Country Director.

Fickenscher said the American people, through the MCC were proud to join with Tanzanians who believe that controlling corruption is an essential prerequisite to building long-term prosperity.

``We know all too well how corruption can undermine poverty reduction and cripple economic growth. It drains funds away from health and education, discourages investment and business development, and reduces confidence in public institutions,`` said the MCC country head, adding:

``Corruption harms development, diverts monies away from much-needed schools, roads, and health clinics. Businesses bear extra costs, undermining their profitability and limiting the number of jobs they can create.``

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