Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Survey results lead to calls for action on child poverty

from Wales Online

by Anthony O'Connell, Neath Guardian

THREE out of every four children in a Neath community are living in or on the brink of poverty.

Shocking statistics produced by the Campaign to End Child Poverty have revealed hundreds of youngsters from Briton Ferry West are living in families struggling to make ends meet because of their low incomes.

The report said, in Neath East, 64% of children were from struggling families, while the figure for Townhill, in Swansea, was 85%.

Briton Ferry West councillor Hugh James said: “To be honest, I’m not surprised at all by the figure in my ward – that’s why we are a Communities First area.

“We are a very poor ward, we always have been. There are a lot of families really struggling and a lot of children being assisted with the cost of their meals in school.”

The councillor said action is already being taken to ease child poverty across the county borough, and he urged those involved to act without delay.

He said: “This is an issue we need to tackle and the report has shown the urgency. Where there is deprivation it has to be tackled.

“Neath Port Talbot Council is working with the National Assembly on a Children’s Plan, which will have a crack at bringing the poverty figures down.

“It’s been in being for about nine months now and an action plan is about to be launched."

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