Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Stamp challenge in Michigan

This ought to be good.

Again, showing my bias to stories in my home state. Here is one I found about our governor and executives from the big 3 American automakers. They have pledged to limit their grocery bills to only what you can afford to buy on Food stamps.

Good Luck! In Michigan food stamps only get you $5.70 worth of food a day.

I was unable to find any actual quotes or stories about automotive executives coming to the realization that they would have to live on ramen noodles or anything. But found this from the Traverse City Record Eagle about one who volunteered for the challenge. Lindsay Vanhulle introduces us to her.

Valerie Shultz hasn't yet planned how she will prepare food next week for her family of three.

She'll only have about $30 a person to spend on five days' worth of meals, and these days, a dollar doesn't stretch far.

Shultz, of Cadillac, signed up for the Food Stamp Challenge, a statewide simulation project that will allow participants to learn what life is like for the thousands of Michigan citizens who receive food assistance.

At least for a week.

"I just wanted to see how it would be if we had to live on food stamps," Shultz said. "It's going to be a challenge."

Starting Monday, participants will have no more than $29.35 per person to purchase and prepare meals through Friday. That breaks down to $5.87 per person, per day.

The goal isn't just for participants to view the lives of the region's poor from a new perspective. The hope is that it also will boost donations to area food pantries.

Our state govenment has set up this website to give us more info on the challenge.

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