Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Students Torn on Use of Food Stamps

from the Hilltop Online

by Sharon Taylor

With the economy on a downward slope, Howard students are faced with the task of finding money for the rising costs of books, tuition, housing and gas.

Many have found the value in government assistance, specifically food stamps, to meet their needs.

"It was easy to get food stamps," said junior political science major Allen Jordan. "All I had to do was go to the financial aid building, get a financial aid verification form, then take it down to the social services department."

But in the state that the economy is in, some students are finding other ways to stay afloat.

Nevertheless, senior broadcast journalism Alesha Johnson thinks that as a college student, there is nothing wrong with receiving government assistance.

"I feel that I am entitled," Johnson said. "There is no need to feel poor to have food stamps and be a college student."

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