Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stand Up Against Poverty wrapup

If you participated in a Stand Up Against Poverty event over this past weekend, pat your self on the back.

World records were shattered, with over three times the amount of people participating compared to last year.

Stand Up Against Poverty was a collection of hundreds of events around the world, hoping to catch the eye of world leaders. Events were held during the entire span of the weekend, October 17-19. Events ranged from peaceful protests and concerts, to distributing books and collecting signatures for petitions.

But who really deserves some congratulations is the Philippines. As the ABS-CBN reports the numbers of people who showed up in that country was truly astounding. Our clip of the article gives us the numbers.

One out of every three Filipinos or a total of 35.2 million Filipinos mobilized at events all over the country last October 17 to 19 as part of the "Stand Up, Take Action" global initiative to end poverty, the National Anti-Poverty Commission said Wednesday.

In a statement, NAPC Assistant Secretary Dolores de Quiros Castillo said a total of 35,264,652 Filipinos attended the events. The numbers were announced after a two-day tabulation by SGV & Co., largest auditing firm in the country, and verified by Guinness World Records.

"Our objective this year was to mobilize at least 15 million Filipinos in the Philippine Stand Up, Take Action Campaign. We not only exceeded our target by some 20 million participants, we also topped the world record in terms of percentage to population and absolute numbers," Castillo said in a statement.

According to Guinness World Records, a total of 116,993,629 people participated in 7,777 events around the world to set a new Guinness World Record, topping last year’s 43 million count.

The Philippines delivered the largest number of participants both in terms of percentage to population and in absolute terms. Overall, Asia produced 73,151,847 participants.

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