Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stand Up Against Poverty: October 17th - 19

Dont forget! I almost did!

Hundreds of events are taking place around the world this weekend, hoping to catch the eye of world leaders. "Stand Up Against Poverty" is a global effort that invites people to do something, it's better than sitting down.

There is a couple of differences form this year event from the past. Events will be during the entire span of the weekend instead of one day. Also, the events will invite people to take action such as sending letters to your government, organizing teach-ins, distributing books or other educational materials.

To find an event near you hit their website.A click thru map of the world will your guide to an event near you.

In our home state of Michigan "Stand Up"s are in Brighton, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, and Holland. I will have to do a little driving this weekend...

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