Friday, October 17, 2008

Founder of the U.N. Millennium Goal Campaign fears reaching goals

Billions of dollars are being used to fend of another great depression. That means aid to to poor countries is dwindling. In fact, before the credit crunch even began the aid was shrinking.

From a forum on international hunger, the founder of U.N. Millennium Goal Campaign spoke up on the decrease in aid and it's effects on the poor. Svetlana Kovalyova from Reuters UK received these words from Eveline Herfkens.

"If everybody lives up to their promise, they (the goals) are still reachable. If not, we are in a big trouble," Eveline Herfkens said on the sidelines of an international food forum.

"When the financial markets sneeze, the poor get pneumonia."

"I really would hope that our finance ministers who find trillions of dollars to beef up their own systems will not forget about a few billions that they promised to the poor," Herfkens told Reuters.

We heard similar comments from Kofi Annan and Jeffery Sachs about the cut backs in aid yesterday.

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