Friday, December 17, 2010

Overnight links for December 17th

Columnist Pam Strickland of the Knoxville News talks about the prevalence of food stamp usage in Tennessee. The state has the third highest food stamp usage rate in the US.  

 The Guardian's Poverty Matters blog examines the issue of celebrities getting involved in development aid. Madeliene Bunting says the issue is complex and it is impossible to say if all of the celebirites are really helping or just wasting time. 

Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada is signing up to lead the fund-raising efforts for the new U.N. initiative on maternal health. Globe and Mail writer Campbell Clark says that Harper will co-chair the committee with Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.


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Eric, CURE International said...

Thanks for posting these links. As someone who is trying to ramp up a collection of sites with poverty-related articles, these kind of posts are great.

I read the article on celebrity philanthropists and it was quite interesting. Do you think that a good portion of celebrities involved with charities are only doing it for the attention or do you think that they truly want to give back to others?