Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Introducing Overnight Links for December 8th

One of the struggles we constantly have with this blog is trying to do more posts than we already do. Since we do this on sort of a volunteer basis we seem to only get to three or four posts a day. That means there are some relevant stories that don't get linked to on the blog. Most of the stories that we miss are the ones that break during the overnight hours.

To try to remedy this, we will start each day with a digest form post of the overnight stories. A brief sentence will summarize the story which will accompany a link to read the entire story. We hope that by doing this, that we can become a more thorough source of stories regarding poverty. So here we go...

First, a gruesome Associated Press story that we found at KXAN-TV, deals with serial rapists stalking women in Somali refugee camps.

The Partners in Health blog has this video about bringing health care to Liberia.

Inter Press Service another story on the conflict between lack of government funding and efforts to improve health. Writer Souleymane Faye says that Senegal is facing cutbacks to a community material health program called Bajenu Gox.

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