Friday, December 17, 2010

Lord's Resistance Army might strike again, during Christmas

During the last two Christmas seasons the Lord's Resistance Army has committed atrocities to people in Uganda, Sudan and the Republic of Congo. Aid groups fear that the group could do it again this year, and they are calling on the international community to step up enforcement in the region to prevent a repeat.

From the BBC, we read more about the fears that the LRA might strike again.

Figures show that the LRA over the past two years has become the most deadly militia in the DRC, the aid groups say in a report.

On Christmas Day 2008 and over the following three weeks, LRA beat to death more than 800 people in north-eastern DR Congo and Southern Sudan, abducting hundreds more.

In December 2009, the brutal militia killed more than 300 villagers in DR Congo in the run-up to Christmas.

An LRA spokesman denied that his organisation was responsible for the atrocities.

The rebels - originally from Uganda and also roaming across parts of Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR) - killed or abducted more than 1,000 people in remote areas of DR Congo last year alone, the report says.

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