Thursday, July 02, 2009

Masters degrees in poverty eradication

The John T and Cathrene T MacArthur Foundation has donated money to universities to begin masters programs in poverty reduction. The programs will train students to help the under developed world and will provide lots of field experience with universities in South America and Africa.

From the Independent Florida Alligator, writer Megan Taylor explains the grant further.

The foundation has donated $7.6 million to 10 universities worldwide to develop these master’s programs over the next three years.

UF received the donation after competing against 70 other applicant universities worldwide.

In North America, only UF and Emory University in Atlanta, were awarded grants from the foundation.

The curriculum, emphasizing practical experience in the field, will consist of courses in management and in the natural, health and social sciences,.

The program, jointly administered by the centers for Latin American and African studies, will have relatively small class sizes.

“We anticipate admitting some 20 students per class; since it will be a two-year program, this means some 40 would be enrolled at a given time once the program is up and running,” said Leonardo Villalón, director of the Center for African Studies at UF.

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dominique said...

Am in mauritius and i wish to know who those colleges are and the fees they intend to claim