Monday, July 27, 2009

Video Protests in South Africa

The BBC has video of another round of protests in South Africa. Garbage collectors are now striking, demanding a %15 increase in pay. The workers say that they have not been able to afford food since the large jump in food prices last year. An article from the BBC is included after the jump.

This article from the BBC has further details on the strikes.

Striking South African municipal workers have emptied piles of rubbish onto the streets during a march to demand a wage increase.

Police fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters in Limpopo Province, who police said had become "disorderly".

The ruling ANC has reportedly condemned the workers' behaviour. Recent strikes and unrest are seen as the major challenges for President Jacob Zuma.

About 150,000 workers have stopped work demanding a 15% pay rise.

Workers say they are unable to make a living from their current wages because of high food prices.

President Zuma has called for understanding from workers, but the BBC's Jonah Fisher in Johannesburg says crowd-pleasing promises he made during his election campaign are proving hard to keep.

Our correspondent says a pledge to create 500,000 new jobs has already been retracted.

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