Thursday, July 23, 2009

A government response and a peaceful protest in South Africa

Some of the protests have begun to settle down in South Africa. Earlier this week, violent protests erupted after people took to the streets to protest the lack of basic services many have in the country. Many years after apartheid ended, many people still don't have access to water or decent housing in South Africa.

From Reuters written by Marius Bosch we read of the governments response and one peaceful protest that happened Wednesday.

South Africa's government on Thursday threatened to crack down on violent protests which erupted this week over jobs and living conditions, posing an early challenge to President Jacob Zuma.

Police fired rubber bullets and teargas on Wednesday at township rioters who were calling for the removal of local officials of the ruling ANC party they accuse of corruption. Scores of protesters have been arrested.

Police said calm had returned to Siyathemba township, southeast of Johannesburg, after four days of rebellion. Violence flared in various townships after a series of strikes.

The unrest, with scenes reminiscent of attacks against foreigners last year that killed 62 people, have dented South Africa's hope of showing a positive image less than a year before the country hosts the soccer World Cup.

In the Ramaphosa squatter settlement east of Johannesburg, one of the main trouble spots during last year's violence, thousands of residents staged a peaceful protest march.

Watched by heavily armed police, the protesters carried placards. One said: "Poor service delivery is what we hate."

Many South Africans say local governments have failed to provide jobs, housing, sanitation and medical services, and have instead promoted a culture of nepotism.

"I want to live like Zuma in a house with electricity. I'm tired of living in a shack, I want a flush toilet," said Nicolas Mabitsela, who lives in the Ramaphosa settlement.

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Anonymous said...

we must let Zuma go then we will see where we are headind asw a nation....south africans must bring back our president T Mbeki