Saturday, July 18, 2009

A new World Bank loan for Mozambique

Mozambique has just signed on to a new batch of loans from the World Bank. The loan should help to develop information technology and health services in the country.

From News 24, we get more details on what the loans will go for.

The agreements which were signed by World Bank interim representative, Luiz Tavares and Cuereneia consisted of a $75.6m agreement to fund health and information technology from the World Bank and another one of $15.6m from the Canadian government, $4.3m from the Swedish government and $7.9m from the Russian government.

Cuereneia said projects run by the ministries of science and technology, health and transport and communications would benefit from the loans.

Tavares said the amount destined for the health sector would seek to reduce high mortality rates in children and women caused by malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/Aids and pregnancy complications.

It would also fund the construction of 25 health centres in three poor northern provinces.

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