Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UK review of aid could drop aid to Africa

The UK government is reviewing the aid they give to the rest of the world. The review could recommend stop aid payments to countries who no longer need it, or have too much corruption to use it correctly. Government officials say the recommendations could include African countries that are resource rich. Most at risk are the nations that only use the resources to make a few wealthy, even though it could pull the whole nation out of poverty.

From the Daily Nation, writer Paul Redferen describes the possible pulling of aid money.

The Department for International Development (DFID) has particular concerns over Sierra Leone, where Britain has been closely involved in nation building since a military intervention in 2000.

There the government of President Ernest Koroma has been accused of corruption in recent mining deals.

“I’m watching particularly carefully how Sierra Leone intends to exploit its mineral [resources],” Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell told the Daily Telegraph newspaper. “It is an important issue that requires openness and transparency and if not I am prepared to act.” Mr Mitchell also said the focus would be on “making British aid more effective in reducing poverty through improved transparency and value for money.”

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