Thursday, August 05, 2010

Business leaders invited to next G-20

South Korea is the chair of the next G-20 summit coming in November. For each summit, the host country has influence over the agenda for the meetings.

South Korea would like the G-20 leaders to hear from the business world. 100 CEO's from the world's biggest companies have been invited to the next G-20 to participate in a round table discussion with world leaders.

From this AFP article that we found at Google News, we find out more about the invitation.

Previous G20 summits have also included business chiefs, but organisers of the November 10-11 business summit said it would be the largest such gathering and would be closely linked to the main summit.

The chief executives will freely discuss their economic concerns at a round table with the political leaders, organisers said.

The Seoul G20 summit, the fifth to be held by leaders of the 20 top world economies, will mark the start of a transition "from a crisis response mode to post-crisis mode", said Kwon Hae-Ryong, director-general of the organising committee.

"It will mean that the G20 will be able further to solidify its status as the premier forum for global economic cooperation."

South Korea wants to make the business summit part of the G20 process to open up a channel for participation by the private sector.

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