Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting a new non-profit to help new mothers and babies in Tanzania

Nursing graduate student Michelle Kowalczyk has a heart for Tanzania. The desire to help the people there began with a trip to Africa with the aid group CARE. The trip inspired Kowalczyk to start her own non profit to help new mothers and babies.

From the Omaha World Herald we read more about Kowalczyk's work.

“It’s sad and really poor, but when you see them smile, it just warms up your heart,” said Kowalczyk, who is enrolled at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Everything she experienced in Africa influenced her decision to take another step: co-founding a nonprofit organization. It “works in the developing world to better the lives of those in need,” Kowalczyk said.

The idea for a foundation came after she crossed paths with Kim Krowne, another volunteer, in Tanzania. Together they formed Knock Foundation in 2008.

Not only does Kowalczyk help manage a growing non-profit foundation, but she also devotes much of what she earns to help people in Africa.

Kowalczyk started her acute-care adult health graduate program at UNMC in 2008, and plans to graduate in May.

“At the College of Nursing, we are enormously proud of Michelle,” said Janet Cuddigan, chair of College of Nursing’s adult health and illness department. “She truly exemplifies the ‘best and brightest’ in the nursing profession.”

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