Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ker-Splats Splat Attack

Our friends at Send A Cow have created a new website video game to help drum up donations for a compost called "magic muck". The "magic muck" is a special type of organic compost fortified with extra nutrients. Send A Cow has been working for over 20 years on perfecting the recipe. Send A Cow helps farmers develop their own compost pile of magic muck from plant parts, animal waste and top soil.

The game is called Ker-Splats Splat Attack. In the game, you throw the "magic muck" at animals, the more animals you splat the higher your score, and the more time you get to play. However, splatting animals can be draining on your supply, so every so often you have to retrieve fresh supplies from the bubbling vat of magic muck. From the game, there is a link to raise funds to help develop and teach farmers to make the magic muck themselves.

For some background on the organization, Send A Cow began in 1988 when a group of farmers sent female cows to poverty stricken families in Africa. The families agrees to send the first female calf to another family in need. The gift of 25 cows multiplied into many more.

As Send A Cow grew, they began to teach African farmers techniques to increase their yields. They also began to adapt sending livestock to helping families with the water and feed needed to maintain the cows. Send A Cow also began to give smaller livestock such a goats.

The game is actually a good teaching moment for children. During the writing of this post we had our two and half year old play a few rounds while explaining the concept to him. Most of it probably goes over his head, but at least it's a start. We have our own compost pile in back, but it's mostly coffee grounds so I doubt it's as nutrient filled as the "magic muck". Anyway, we invite you to give the game a try this weekend.

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