Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo focuses on poor children

A picture sent to a local newspaper caused quite a stir in Northern Canada, and has renewed the focus on helping poor children.

From the CBC, we learn more about the photo and just why it was so controversial. Our link to the story also includes this photo, if your curious.

A picture of two boys sleeping outdoors near an Iqaluit grocery store has prompted calls for more services to help vulnerable children.

The photo, submitted to a local newspaper by resident Evie Eegeesiak, shows two young boys curled up along an outside wall of the NorthMart store around 6:30 a.m. on July 26.

The boys, one wearing shorts, were trying to stay warm as they slept on the pavement surrounded by cigarette butts and litter.

"It's just now very 'in our face,' in the sense that they chose to sleep in front of NorthMart," said Iqaluit lawyer and social activist Madeleine Redfern, who applauded Eegeesiak for making the photo public.

"I think often children are not choosing to go home for whatever reason at night, and often sleep here on the beach, in the shacks, in porchways, in any sort of area that they can find a place to lie down their head for the night."

Iqaluit RCMP said Nunavut's Health and Social Services Department is now involved with the boys' case.

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