Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving to Kenya to help the street children

A young woman from the UK has moved her life to Kenya to help the street children there. Action for Children in Conflict helps to get the children off of the streets, reunited with families and into school. Eleanor Harrison now calls Kenya home and says its a wonderful country but it still has it's problems.

From this interview with Harrison in the Oxford Mail, reporter Dan Hearn records her activities in Kenya.

“AfCiC tries to break cycles of violence, hatred and despair by providing psychological, emotional and educational support to those affected by conflict."

“We focus on children and young people because they have the greatest capacity to transcend the conflicts of their communities and to bring about change in the future.”

The charity launched in 1995 as Action for Peoples in Conflicts, before concentrating on young people.

In July, a boy called Francis being cared for by the charity was killed when thugs beat him to death in an act of mob justice.

Ms Harrison said: “Francis was a child who many people loved. He had character, a wonderful smile and a good heart.

“To lose him in such an utterly futile, violent way is hard to come to terms with.

“He did not deserve to die in this way and yet the perpetrators will not be brought to justice because he was a street child.”

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