Monday, August 10, 2009

Drought in West Java region of Indonesia

A province on Indonesia is suffering a severe drought, and the worst of it is expected to be in the months to come. The West Java province of Indonesia has suffered severe drought in the past three months. The drought has caused water shortages and could mean failure of the regions crops.

From the Jakarta Post, writers Agus Maryono and Nana Rukmana tell us more about the effects to the area's crops.

The peak of the drought is expected to take place from August to October, when demands for clean water from residents rise drastically.

Hundreds of hectares of farmland in Cilacap regency are facing the risk of harvest failure due to the extended drought.

More than 1,000 ha of rice fields in a number of districts, such as Cimanggu and Majenang in West Cilacap are currently facing crop failure due to water shortage as a number of rivers have dried up.

In Purbalingga regency, 11.64 percent of the total rice harvest is threatened with harvest failure.

Purbalingga Agriculture and Plantation agency head Lily Purwati told the media that the harvest failure would be caused by pest attacks as well as drought. ...

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people in Kuningan and Cirebon regencies in West Java are face a lack of clean water following the decreasing number of springs in the Mount Ciremai mountain area.

Deforestation, growing at an alarming rate, has contributed to the loss of springs. The extended drought and impact of El Nino, could further aggravate the situation.

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