Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sari designing NGO to empower the women of India

We learned of the work of a non governmental Organization that works in India that helps to improve the lives of women. The NGO called "Hosur Development Foundation" helps women to design sari clothing so they can go on to form their own sari crafting businesses.

The story from Andhra News gives us more details on the NGO.

A self-help group has been training rural women in sari designing in Tamil Nadu to make them self-reliant.

Under patronage of the Tamil Nadu Government and the Central Government, a non- government organization 'Hosur Development Foundation' is running the self-help group for the socio-economic development of women and their empowerment.

A group of 140 women are working in this self-help group for making designs on the saris.

"We are making designs on saris and tailoring it. The Central and the State Government have provided their assistance to us. Earlier, we faced quite a lot of difficulties, but now we are earning 2000 rupees per month. We are hoping to earn more," said Seetha, member of the self-help group.

With the help of government subsidies the women are successfully engaged in the jobs.We are providing the State and the Central Government subsidies for the members.

They can use it for their economic growth, cultural development and economic status," said Arumugam, Assistant Project Officer, self-help group, Krishnakiri District.

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