Monday, March 09, 2009

Geldof urges governments to stay strong

Sir Bob Geldof gave a speech in London today where he urges world governments to stay the course on aid. He asks the governments to continue to give aid to the under developed world despite the world recession.

From Africasia, this AFP story made record of the speech.

"All that is required is that governments hold their nerve in the face of fear, intolerance, short-termism and stupidity while planning together a way out of this mess," Geldof said.

"We will get there. This moment will pass. There will be great pain and there will be great depravation before it all ends -- but end it will.

"And we hasten that end by removing one of the causes in this moment's conception -- the unheeding of the poor."

Geldof joked he had not worn sunglasses to hide his "swollen" left eye -- the result of an insect bite suffered on a recent visit to Africa -- "because you would've confused me with (U2 frontman) Bono, which is easy to do."

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