Thursday, March 05, 2009

"A Powerful Noise" screens tonight

We wanted to give this movie another mention as it's a great story about women fighting poverty. The movie "A Powerful Noise" will be shown in theaters across the country tonight. The film profiles three women, who not only hav to overcome poverty in their own lives, but help others who struggle as well.

The event is sponsored by CARE, and will be shown nationwide tonight at 8pm. You can find out more by going to the movie's website.

From the Boston City Guide Examiner, entertainment reporter Charlene Peters tells us about the viewings in the Boston Area.

“A Powerful Noise” is so much more than just a film. It is a catalyst for change and a compelling reminder that the solution to global poverty and injustice lies in the ability of women and girls to have a voice in their societies.

"The world isn't living up to its potential right now because most women and girls lack basic human rights and opportunities we often take for granted in the United States," says Christy Turlington Burns, CARE advocate for maternal health and contributing editor for Marie Claire magazine. "But like the three women featured in ‘A Powerful Noise,’ you can become a champion in your own community to help impact the lives of other women in our world. You can start taking action by joining us on March 5 to really learn about the issues facing women and girls in poor countries."

Powerful Noise Live will take viewers into the lives of three women: a young widow in Vietnam, a mother in Bosnia and a matriarch in Mali. During the LIVE event, movie theaters across the country will turn into community forums as experts and celebrities give their personal insight into the problems – and solutions – facing women and girls in the global fight against poverty.

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