Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fund raising for Madagascar schools

A fund raiser was profiled in the website BC Local News from British Columbia. Luke King is a part of the group Rose Madagascar, who raises money for schools and food for the children of the country.

Sage Birchwater of the Williams Lake Tribune explains Mr. King's involvement in the charity.

At the Tatla Lake Christmas Craft Fair last month, Luke King, 26, had a table selling children’s books, calendars and woven bags made from recycled plastic.

The items, he explained, were all part of a project to raise funds for a small village in Madagascar.

When King, who grew up on a ranch in the West Branch Valley south of Tatla Lake, graduated from the UBC geological engineering program two-and-a-half years ago, he and four university friends went to Madagascar.

Three of whom are now doctoral students, one is a law student, and King is an engineer.

“I went there in the summer of 2006 for a couple of months,” King says.

He says two members of his party were there for eight months.

“We hung out in Tsarahonenana, a community where there was no school,” King continues. “And we were introduced to a gentleman who had a development plan for the community.”


A month ago King and his friends formally joined with Rose Charities to give their project a stronger organizational base.

“Rose Charities works all over the world,” King says.

He says Rose Charities Madagascar is a Canadian group dedicated to helping children and communities in need in Madagascar.

“Rose Charities works with a variety of Malagasy-run projects that reach out to abandoned, orphaned and underprivileged children that would otherwise be living in poverty,” King says.

We will put a link to Rose Charities up in the "Get Involved Links" later today.

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