Tuesday, December 02, 2008

16 million malnourished children predicted by 2010

The International Food Policy Research Institute predicts that there will be 16 million malnourished children by 2010. The institute says the effects of the international credit crisis is to blame. The recession that is stemming from the credit crisis will hurt investments in agriculture.

ABS- CBN news from the Philippines details the report issued from the IFPRI.

However, IFPRI said developing countries can avert these dire consequences by spending more on research and development, irrigation and productive services in agriculture.

If economic growth is reduced but investments in agriculture and productivity are maintained, the study found that grain would be more affordable, per capita calorie consumption would be higher, and there would be significantly fewer malnourished children.

"More effort is needed to successfully resolve the food price crisis, build resistance to future challenges, and reduce poverty and hunger," Von Braun said.

In 2007, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated the number of undernourished people rising to 923 million, largely owing to the food price crisis. The number likely increased even further this year as prices continued to rise with the financial crisis.

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