Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Report: Somali Al Shabaab should be tried for crimes against humanity

A new report says that the militant Al Shabaab rebels should be tried for crimes against humanity for their handling of the East Africa famine. Al Shabaab was not allowing food aid to reach the 750,000 people who are starving in Somalia.

From this Reuters Alert Net story, writer Katy Migiro gives us a few quotes from the report.

"Somalia's famine is less a symptom of conflict or climate than of callous and criminal human conduct — including crimes against humanity that demand consequences anchored in international justice," said Matt Bryden, coordinator of the United Nations Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group, in a report for the advocacy group Enough.

"It is ultimately al Shabaab’s twisted ideology, repressive methods, and indifference to the suffering of its own people that lies behind this catastrophe," Bryden wrote.

“The time has come for either the International Criminal Court to become engaged in Somalia, or for a special international tribunal to be established, in order to dismantle Somalia’s deadly culture of impunity.

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