Friday, October 14, 2011

From The Culture Zone

Greetings Poverty News Blog Readers! This post has been awhile coming, we simply have been swamped with organizational activities and I haven’t had the opportunity to write a welcoming post to y’all.
As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago Kale announced his need to bow out of the blog as he needs the time for his family. We are fortunate enough to be in a position where we could take up the reins, and see to it that his good work can continue. In the meantime, Kale will still be around and I believe he has even found new energy to continue alongside us.
My name is Joseph - I am the webmaster at The Culture Zone, which is the personal effort of my good friend Michael Harrington. Lately, we have been contemplating what it means to understand why one takes action - specifically against Poverty. So in order to explain The Culture Zone, I would like to talk about what we believe, why we do what we do, and what that means.

  • The idea of children growing up in poverty outrages us.
  • The idea of people being unable to feed themselves, or provide shelter for themselves outrages us.
  • We ask ourselves, “In a World filled with Injustice and Pain, where does my Own comfort fit in?”
  • We ask ourselves, “What exactly is ‘enough?’”
  • We believe that the gap between the rich and the poor has only served to hide The Truth of Reality.
  • We believe that Poverty is not the problem. I am the problem.
  • We challenge the perceived notion of what is Real in today’s society.
  • We live our lives under the concept of treating others as we would be treated.
  • We treat all human beings as equals.
  • We look for those who believe what we believe to come together with us in strength to address these major problems of civilization.
  • We seek to bring together those with resources, opportunity, and passion for making poverty HISTORY – and exalt the truth of reality.
  • The Culture Zone is our place to express what is REAL in the world, and to answer the question “What exactly is ‘enough?’” And to figure out where our comfort really sits.

We hope that if you believe what we believe, then you will be compelled to join us in addressing the disturbing state of the world which allows Poverty to exist.
As far as Poverty News Blog goes - everything will continue as you remember, with periodic updates from The Culture Zone as well. This is the beginning of something we hope will make a difference.

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