Monday, August 01, 2011

New cash transfer program for pregnant mothers in India

One of the states within India will begin a new conditional cash transfer program. Pregnant mothers will receive a smart card with money to buy food during the pregnancy. The mother is then given another deposit at the time of birth and more for each vaccination the child receives.

From the Times of India, we find out more details about the new program.

The Tamil Nadu government will soon pay mothers who get their newborns vaccinated as per the immunization schedule.

Under the Muthulakshmi Reddy Scheme, each pregnant woman will get a smart card with her medical details. The health department will deposit Rs 4,000 to her bank account after she registers with a government healthcare unit. The money is intended to help her have nutritious food and avoid anaemia during pregnancy.

If the woman gives birth to her child at a government hospital, the state will deposit Rs 4,000 more in her bank account. If the mother takes the baby to the healthcare unit for all vaccinations, the health department will transfer another Rs 4,000 to her account after the 14th week.

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