Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Video: Water shortage hits Turkana residents

From NTV Kenya, a video about a water shortage in western Kenya. The residents of Loima in Turkana say they still have shortages despite recently installed storage tanks.

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borderline diabetes said...

Sadly for much of the world the natural resources are not available. We are on the verge of a worldwide shortage of food and water. Much of this problem is from Greed.

The West is NOT immune and are slowly feeling the affects. The growth of poverty is spreading fast in the West. What is happening in Kenya is sad but it is becoming common in much of the world. Here is qoute from the Government on the Poverty and rising cost of food in Kenya

"Prices of basic necessities like cooking oil, flour, and kerosene have increased by up to 50 per cent in less than a year, signalling bad times ahead for many low-income families that may soon find it difficult or impossible to put a plate of ugali on the table"

Very Sad