Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bangladesh high court rejects Yunus' challenge

A news source from India gives us an update on the legal proceedings for Muhammad Yunus and his Grammen Bank. Yunus is fighting in court the forced dismissal of his post as head of his Grammen Bank. The government of Bangladesh is citing seldom enforced law for his dismissal. The law sets a age limit on who can have leadership positions at Bangladeshi banks. Yunus at the age of 70 has surpassed the age limit.

The legal proceedings have not started out very well for Grameen. The Indian website Sify says that the High Court rejected the banks petition to challenge the law. The article from Sify only briefly mentions this at the end. This the only source we have found so far on this update to the story.

The Dhaka High Court Tuesday rejected Yunus's writ petition challenging the legality of his removal as managing director of Grameen Bank.

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