Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"The Mountain Thief" premiers March 11 -21st

Some time ago a filmmaker approached our blog to help promote his film. We agreed because it wasn't an ordinary film. "The Mountain Thief" depicts life in a garbage slum in the Philippines. The residents of the slum literally live on top of a pile of garbage.

"The Mountain Thief" not only tells this true to life story but takes the interaction with that life to a more intimate level. Filmmaker Gerry Balasta opened a acting training workshop at the garbage slum. People who attended classes at the workshop went on to star in the film. Fund-raising has also taken place to help with medical needs of some of the film's actors.

At the time of out initial post on "The Mountain Thief" Balasta was still doing some fund-raising to finish the film. Now we are happy to announce that the film is now finished, and will finally premier at a film festival in San Fransisco March 11-21st

For more details and a screening schedule, visit the official Mountain Thief blog. The new trailer for the film is below.

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