Thursday, February 25, 2010

150,000 extremely poor in Kosovo

150,000 people in Kosovo live on 45 cents EUR each day, that translates to seven percent of the population according to a new survey. The survey conducted by an Albanian newspaper points out that is less than those termed "extremely poor" in Europe or living on 98 cents a day. According to the report most people in Kosovo feel that they need 120 to 130 EUR a month to meet needs.

From B-92 radio in Belgrade, we read more abnout the survey from this Tanjog story.

Daily Koha Ditore gives these statistics from the Institute for Social Policies, which states that thousands of people "dream of at least living on the extreme poverty lines".

The report states that about 150,000 Kosovo residents live off EUR 0.45 per day or EUR 14 a month, and that they demand that the government double this aid so that they can match that received by those living in the category of “extreme poverty”.

Based on the report, there are more than 34,000 families in Kosovo that live on social benefits.

Six percent of the surveyed families receiving aid claim that the money they receive cannot even pay for necessary medicine.

Twenty percent of those surveyed stated that the assistance they receive covers only the most basic expenses for about ten days each month, while 14 percent stated that they "have no idea how to do the math in order to give an answer".

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