Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How to give back as well as give

If you can't think of anything to give your loved ones for Christmas this year, think about buying them gifts that give back.

Buying fair trade products or making a donation in honor of a loved one are great ways to not only give to your loved ones but to also give something that helps humanity.

We received some ideas on how to do this from an article that we found at The Sarnia Observer. News Canada writer Abigail Guevra gives us three ideas. Some have Canandian ties, but you can easily do something similar in any country.

Buy Fair Trade Certified gifts like chocolate, teas, and coffees that ensure all Fair Trade Certified products are produced without child labour.

* Give a gift to a child-in-need in honour of your loved one by visiting websites like www.ccfcanada.ca.Their heart will be moved when they receive a Christmas card from Christian Children's Fund of Canada (CCFC), a child-centered international development organization, with your special message letting them know that a child living in extreme poverty has received a life-changing gift like school supplies in their name.

* Offer your time as a gift. With personal time becoming scarce, giving the gift of time is valuable. Have fun designing "time coupons" and relieve parents of young children with a couple of hours of babysitting or give the coupons to your children for special one-on- one time with them, where they get to choose something they'd like to do. This becomes a special treat in place of a predictable stocking stuffer.

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