Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1 in 7 below poverty line in Michigan

Your blogger's home state of Michigan saw jobs leave well before the recession, saw them leave in droves during the recession, and is still seeing them leave after the recession.

All this was confirmed today by the Michigan League of Human Services. A new study released by the league says that 1 in 7 people in Michigan live below the poverty line. That brings us to the seventh highest state in the Union. The figures are based on US Census Bureau data.

From WLNS-TV, Candice Burns dives into the numbers further and talks to a human services representative.

A report based on 2008 US census data released by the Michigan League of Human Services shows more families are living in the poor house.

Sharon Parks, Michigan League of Human Services: "What it really shows is a troubling picture for Michigan."

The numbers reveal since 2001 the average Michigan Household income has dipped below the nations average by about 10%.

Families of color have been hit even harder, on average both Hispanic and Latino household incomes have declined by about 14%, African American's fell by about 16-percent.

Parks: "I can't imagine that when we look at this in another year that it isn't gong to be somewhat worse because we are still losing jobs in Michigan, the jobs aren't coming back fast enough."

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