Saturday, November 14, 2009

Professor to give away half of future earnings

An ethics professor from Oxford says he will give away 1 million dollars in future earnings to fight global poverty. The give away will be over half of his future salary.

From the Daily Mail, we hear from Dr Tory Ord on his reasons for doing this.

Dr Toby Ord, an academic at Oxford University, will give up 10 per cent of his annual salary, plus any yearly earnings above £20,000 for the rest of his career.

He calculated he should earn about £1.5 million and said he realised that if he was to continue living modestly he would be able to give away £1 million of this to help others.

Today's launch of his Giving What We Can society will encourage others to do the same, he said.

Dr Ord, a 30-year-old research associate at Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, said: 'Life on my current income is very good.

'If I spent the extra money on myself I could go on holiday more often, get an iPhone, eat out at expensive restaurants. It would be nice, but not all that much better.

'So I have a choice between greatly improving the lives of tens of thousands of people or adding a few extras to my life. Put like that, it is an easy choice.

'Once you get used to the idea, it is actually not much of a burden.

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