Monday, November 30, 2009

Fish farming project in Kenya unveiled

Kenya's government has started a new project to introduce the work of fish farming to people who need jobs. The government plans on building several ponds and training people in raising fish so the people can eventually sell them in market for income.

From the New Nation, we read more details about the project.

The ambitious project worth over Sh1 billion is also projected to create about 120,000 new jobs.

The Ministry of Fisheries Development will oversee construction of 200 fish ponds in 140 constituencies.

Funded through the economic stimulus programme, each of the constituencies will receive Sh8 million for the project.

Fisheries minister Paul Otuoma last week launched the first of 20 ponds in Gatundu South, Central Province.

“The traditional fish sources are no longer dependable to meet the rising demand in the country,” said the minister during the function.

According the minister, statistics indicate that in 1999 the country harvested 1.2 million tonnes of Nile Perch variety though stocks have dwindled to 300 metric tonnes.

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