Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WFP stops feeding Somalia

The World Food Programme has decided to close feeding centers in Somalia. In most cases it's the only access that people there have to food. The WFP says they have run out of money and blame a lack of funding from governments throughout the world.

The WFP is also out of food for Kenya, who is experiencing their worst drought in decades. WFP feeding programs in Ethiopia and Uganda have also had cutbacks.

From the BBC, reporter Martin Plaut explains this sad development.

The decision has been made despite the ongoing crisis in Somalia, and the WFP says the reductions are now hitting people across east Africa.

Despite the depth of the need, the WFP says the international community has failed to rally round with the funding it requires.

The cuts could hardly have come at a more serious moment - the conflict in Somalia has driven tens of thousands to flee from their homes.

And the country is also suffering from a severe drought.

As a result the UN estimates that more than three million Somalis need food aid - half the total population.

Put another way, one child in five is acutely malnourished, yet the WFP is having to close the services on which they depend.

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