Thursday, June 11, 2009

The ONE Campaign reports on the G-8 aid promises

The ONE Campaign releases it's examination of aid commitments by the developed world today. The report focuses on the G-8's pledges of doubling aid to Africa, and how well they they have kept them.

You can download the full report here.

To summarize, Canada, the U. S. and Japan are meeting their commitments. Germany and the U. K. are almost there. France has been disappointing, and Italy has been a failure according to the ONE Campaign.

From All Africa, we hearmore from the ONE Campaign about their new report.

"France's delivery [of aid] is disappointing, and Italy's performance is an utter failure," the group, named ONE, said in its report. ONE has its origins in campaigns for debt relief and claims the backing of two million members.

In a report which examined the progress made by the G8 grouping of developed nations in meeting their 2005 commitment to double aid to Africa by 2010, the group said the G8 have delivered only a third of the extra help they promised - U.S. $7 billion of $21.5 billion.

"ONE's projections show that by the end of 2009 they will have delivered about half of their 2010 promise, with Italy and France responsible for 80 per cent of the shortfall. This leaves just one year, 2010, for the G8 to make up the rest...

"ONE projects that they will deliver an additional $3.46 billion in 2009, far short of the need," the group added.

Its report was released to follow Wednesday's Africa Progress Panel report which warned of the severe implications for Africa of the global economic crisis.ONE sees its role as to monitor aid from developed countries. It looks to the Africa Progress Panel and other civil society groups to assess corresponding commitments - on issues such as good governance - made by African leaders.

ONE's report said some members of the G8 were meeting "and even beating" their aid targets for Africa. "Others, most notably Italy and France, have made exceptionally poor progress..."

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