Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be sure to enter our contest!

Don't forget to enter our contest, for a chance to win one of the t-shirts above from Moju Project, all you have to do is write a couple of sentences in the comment field.

We we're recently introduced to a charity called MojuProject. The MojuProject helps to feed orphans through the selling of T-Shirts. Each T-shirt feeds a orphan for a month. All the proceeds go to two orphanage groups called Children's Hopecrest and Feed My Starving Children.

Gerrid Smith of MojuProject has offered to us an opportunity to give away free t-shirts through our first ever comment contest. The best three comments will win one of the MojuProject T-Shirts. All you have to do is provide the best comment that answers the following question, first let me give you some background to set up the question.

In his book "Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism" Muhammad Yunus describes the concept of "social business." Following in the steps of microcredit, people create "social business" that try to lift people out of poverty, looking to maximize human benefit instead of maximizing profit. Money is given by people to start the business, but once that business begins to sell its goods or services, the business only returns that same money without interest or profit. When the business becomes self sustaining, the money gained from selling the goods and services are not put in an investor's pockets, but used to give more benefits to the poor.

Examples of a social business would be; medical services that charge the cheapest rate possible without a profit motive, or selling highly nutritious foods to people who don't have access to them without profit.

The hope is that such social businesses could become self sustaining instead of non-profits constantly asking for donations, or governments constantly asking for peoples taxes.

So, the question for our contest is... what "social business" would you propose to create? What are the greatest needs of those in poverty, and how could a business help these people?

Give us your ideas and the three best comments will win a T-Shirt! Leave your entries in the comments below, and a way to contact you in case you win!

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