Saturday, April 11, 2009

Donations asked for Zimbabwe prisoners

The blog This Is Zimbabwe released details on raising funds for political prisoners in Zimbabwe. The money raised will go to supplying food for the prisoners.

From the This Is Zimbabwe blog, are the accounts to send donations to, you can also find more information on political prisoners in Zimbabwe and how they are being treated.

Donations to the following accounts will help raise funds to go specifically towards food for prisoners in Zimbabwe.

All deposits must be referenced Zim Prisons/Zim Food

AOG Worldwide Missions
South Africa
Name:AOG Worldwide Missions
Reg No: NPO 019904
Bank Details: AOG Worldwide Missions
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account No: 272270148
Branch Code: 050410
Online donations: Click here to visit the AOG Ministeries website and select WWM Zimbabwe Project : Food Aid

Waymaker Ministries
South Africa UK
Name: Missions Outreach (T/A Waymakers)
Reg No: Sec 21 Company 98/23321/08
Registered Public Benefit Organization Reg No: 930002198 Name: Relief Aid Logistics (NB: The UK government donates 28p for every £1 donated)
Charity Number: 1042912
Bank Details: Waymakers
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account No: 27 21 88 55 7
Branch Code: 02 22 09 00
SWIFT Address: SBZAZAJJ Bank Details: Relief Aid Logistics
Bank Name: HSBC
Address: 1/5 Week Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1QW
Sort code: 40-31-06
Account no: 51 83 33 32

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