Friday, April 03, 2009

Bare shelves at US food pantries

In addition, another food pantry in Nebraska is having the same problem. These stories really show how many people are having trouble feeding themselves in this recession. Those who work for food banks and related aid groups say they have never seen it this bad.

From KPTM, we learn of the situation in Omaha from this Associated Press story.

Officials with the Grand Island Salvation Army say the shelves of their food pantry are nearly bare.

Salvation Army Social Worker Mark Merritt says her organization helped a record 450 families last month. Many of those people have been laid off or seen their income drop.

A local organization called Project Hunger recently helped buy cereal and other basics to restock the pantry's shelves. But Project Hunger is having problems of its own.

The group sponsors an annual Easter Basket Extravaganza, in which it auctions off baskets of donated food. The group had hoped to auction 400 this weekend, but have only received enough donations for 100 baskets.

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