Monday, November 10, 2008

Traveling troupe of Ugandan orphans

The organization World Help sponsors a group of Uganadan children who travel the states to bring awareness of the conditions of Sub Saharan Africa. The group called the World International Children's Choir comprise of 13 orphans from Uganda.

The children of the choir will return to Uganda after the tour. When they come home, the orphans will be placed in homes sponsored by World Help.

Mark Eades of the Orange County Register posted a story about the choir's visit to California.

Children's voices sang out loud at Cypress Church on Sunday, but instead of youngsters from the regular congregation it was the 13-member Children of the World International Children's Choir.

Christa and Mike Hahn live in an RV that travels with the children across the country to each appearance during the choir's 10-month tour of America. They direct the choir at each performance.

"My husband and I saw the group eight years ago and were so touched by them we decided to join up with them," said Christa.

Hahn said that three of the children's parents were dead, and the others had no fathers and their mothers had abandoned them. The children are ages 8-12, and although they are in a new country, Hahn said they are still kids.

"They saw High School Musical 3 and caught on very quickly to the songs," said Hahn.

As they travel across the country, the kids stay with sponsoring families associated with the churches they visit.

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Dan Baer said...

Now the two of them are beginning a new thing in Haiti specifically targeting assistance and love for Haitian orphans. See it at