Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Opinion on the Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe

One of our favorite blogs, This is Zimbabwe has a post on the cholera outbreak in the country.

The opinion of the writer of this blog post, is that the populace is being mislead on how severe the outbreak is. They blame the government for withholding information on the spread of the disease.

An acquaintance of mine in Mabvuku, one of the areas were a potential outbreak will cause disaster due to a collapse of the sewer system and unavailability of water, told me that its life as usual for residents as they go about their day to day business with no particular care being taken to avert an impending outbreak of the deadly cholera disease.

If residents had an understanding of the dire circumstance we all face then preventative action like practicing thorough hygiene would be taken. But information on the number of actual dead is not being shared as the magnitude of the outbreak continues to be downplayed, despite the fact that hundreds of people have already died and millions more are at risk.

The water crisis has worsened conditions, with most suburbs going without water for months on end, ripening conditions for the spread of the deadly disease.

That blog is run by the Zimbabwe Civic Action Support Group. The group campaigns for freedom in the country.

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