Thursday, June 13, 2013

Food Insecurity in your County

from Feeding America
The above map shows the levels of food insecurity in America. The darkest areas on the map mean that at least 30 percent of that area's population is food insecure. While the lightest areas are between 4 and 14 percent.

While a light area might look good acording to this map, keep in mind what the general population might look like. For example, notice that Los Angeles is one of lighter areas of the map. Because of the large population of Los Angeles however, over 650,000 children are still in danger of going hungry.

A full interactive data graphic can be found at the link below.
Map the Meal Gap | Food Insecurity in your County

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Poor countries currently enjoy the stongest economic growth

The following video from The Economist describes a graph that shows economic growth for rich, middle and poor income countries. Currently, the strongest economic growth is taking place in the poorest countries, while the richest countries are not growing much at all.