Friday, September 21, 2012

Ban Ki-Moon asks for more aid dollars, again

Once again the pleading for more development assistance from rich contires is being heard, this time U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Rich nations have over and over again failed to live up to their promises of more development dollars to poor nations. The recent global recession only made matters worse, as rich nations were forced to cut back on the money they give.

At the U.N. general assembly meetings, Moon says that the aid cuts could prevent some of the Millenium Development Goals from being reached. With the target year for the goals being 2015, aid dollars need to increase by almost double to make sure they are all met in time.

From the Washington Post, we hear more about the shortfalls in aid.  
The report said official development assistance in 2011 fell to $133 billion, less than half the $300 billion needed annually to meet the goals set by world leaders in 2000.
The secretary-general urged donor nations to step up their international aid and fill the $167 billion gap.
“It is clear that we need a stronger global partnership to achieve the MDGs by the 2015 deadline,” he said. “Do not place the burden of fiscal austerity on the backs of the poor — either in your own countries or abroad.”
The report said 16 key donors reduced their aid in 2011, mainly in response to the global economic crisis. The economic downturn also led governments to adopt protectionist trade policies that hurt developing nations, the report said.
The U.N. chief said essential medicines are much too expensive and only half of public health facilities in developing countries are able to provide them. He said Internet access is also prohibitively expensive for the poor, especially in Africa.

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