Monday, July 11, 2011

Haiti refused malaria vaccinations says drug CEO

A news story breaking this morning gives us another reason to question governance in Haiti. The CEO of a Dutch drug company that makes a malaria vaccine says his offers to give free vaccinations were refused by Haiti. The allegations are made by Ronald Brus the CEO of Crucell, a drug company that makes the malaria vaccine Dukarol

From Top News, writer Davel Wilkins unpacks the details.

He further added that the refused donation could have saved the life of 5,500 by limiting the increase of an epidemic that caused more than 363,000 illnesses, triggering the call for $175m to take action.

The debate also highlighted the fact that what are the main reasons behind the cause of Haiti’s cholera outbreak and how the international institutions can help in removing this problem.

Number of current reports argued that the virus was transported by the UN peacekeepers.

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