Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tomas could spread cholera in Haiti

There are concerns that the Tropical Storm about to hit Haiti could make the spread of cholera worse. If the storm causes flooding, the waters could contain the cholera bacteria and infect those who are in the water. With most of the one million people still in tent camps, and with no where else to go this could be tremendous problem.

From Daily Mail UK, we read more about the storms possible effects on cholera. The story has many stunning photographs of the fearful people in Port-au-Prince.

The storm, which has the potential to develop into a hurricane before it hits Haiti, is set to pile further agonies upon the stricken and desperate nation, which is the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation.

Torrential rains are likely to cause floods that will intensify the cholera epidemic, which has already killed 442 people.

More than 6,700 people have already been hospitalised with the disease said Jocelyne Pierre Louis, director of the government's family health department.

But Tropical Storm Tomas will unleash water surges of up to nine feet that can only worsen the epidemic of the water-borne disease.

'The biggest fear is people being caught by high waters and the potential spread of cholera,' said Nigel Fisher, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Haiti.

'People should (not) be under the misapprehension that it (the epidemic) is under control. The cholera epidemic is likely to spread.'

The outbreak of the disease has triggered yet another national emergency for Haiti.

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