Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Looking for link exchanges, while on vacation

Your humble blogger is about to go on vacation. Again this year, we are heading to the far north, beyond the reach of the internet. Where woods and water are a lot more plentiful than social networks or 3G phones. So our regular posting schedule will not resume until August 1st. My brother just might do a few posts while we are away, but we are not making him guarantee anything.

Before we go, we figured we would ask if anyone out there would like to do a link exchange with Poverty News Blog. We are especially looking for other NGOs, charities, fair trade, social businesses and the like. We can either include you on the blog's list of "Get Involved" links or put you on our blog roll. Please write a comment below to get the ball rolling. So until next month... Ce Ya!

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Katie Whitnah said...


My name is Katie, and I work with Bread for the World. If you are still looking for other organizations to exchange links with, we would love to work with you. We would be interested in doing a blog roll exchange (or just being on your 'Get involved' list). The link to our website is, and our blog can be found at

Katie Whitnah