Friday, May 28, 2010

Poverty News Blog on social networks

Our Facebook group hasn't had any new members in some time, so we figured this was a good spot to give it a little plug.

Each of our posts are linked onto the group wall. So if we understand how Facebook works correctly, when you join the group, each post will show up on your news feed. Until of course you get tired of it cluttering your feed and you choose to block us, which we wouldn't recommend.

Anyone who is a part of the Facebook group has an open invite to participate or start any on-topic discussions on the group message board. You can join our Facebook group by hitting this link. Being a part of the group is a great way to get our attention, because, we admit, we sort of have a Facebook addiction.

Poverty News Blog is also on Twitter. We link each and every post onto the Twitter page. You may also see some strange tweet of us trying to get someone's attention, retweets of other items we find interesting, or updates on our schedule. You can follow us by heading to this link.

It's a holiday weekend in the United States, and to celebrate we are having company stay with us. So in an effort to be a "good host", you won't see any posts from us until Tuesday. Have fun!

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